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If bouncy castles leave you feeling deflated and magicians’ tricks are all “old hat”, then book a Wacky Wheelers kids driving party instead. Don’t just do the ‘same old, same old’ for your child’s next party – boys and girls go bonkers at our fully-supervised Jeep Driving Parties… and they’re always the talk of the playgroundfor months after. If you’re thinking of a go-kart party then think twice – as our 24v Jeeps carry twice as many children – so they can have twice as much fun!

Unlike other driving event companies we place a huge emphasis on the PARTY aspect as well as the driving.. it’s FUN FUN FUN all the way for the kids. No whistle policing and grumpy faces for us! It’s all smiles, music and laughter, with the birthday people at the centre.

We also have more vehicles – from FOUR, FIVE, SIX or TEN – each with two seats, so that up to twenty children can race at once on our specially made colourful tracks. We bring everything to your venue; including mini table football to keep waiting children amused. But even with parties of over 30 children they won’t have to wait long – so our events are great for a small group or if you want to invite the whole class! If you really want the biggest and best – contact us as we have over 40 vehicles, and our biggest track can accommodate TWENTY FIVE vehicles!!!

Because our Jeeps are battery driven, we can run them indoors or out – and if the party is indoors we can take protective measures to ensure nothing gets damaged. Have a look around our site, and please get in touch if you have any questions – we’d be delighted to help !

Jeep Driving Parties

What to Expect at a Wacky Wheelers Jeep Driving Party

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the venue is the superb track, complete with five rugged and fun 24v jeeps* which you’ll be so eager to drive. Sorry dad, you won’t fit – these are just for the juniors !

When everyone has arrived the Wacky Wheelers crew will sit you all down, introduce themselves (and you can introduce yourselves too if you want to), maybe tell you a few jokes then give you a little safety talk about driving do’s and don’ts,  and how to fit the seatbelts. When everyone is happy we’ll get going !  Important to note is that we won’t start the briefing until at least 2/3rds of the guests are there – so make sure they know to be prompt!

Everyone loves the music that is played through the Wacky Wheelers PA system, and quite a few people usually end up humming it for weeks afterwards. When the music is playing – it’s drive time !!!

The Wacky Wheelers party jeeps fit two at a time – so there’s always plenty of people having fun on the track at any one time.Apart from the first drive of the party (someone has to drive!) you’ll start off as a passenger. The music starts and the jeeps are then driven around one of our brightly coloured totally safe, 10m by 15m inflatable tracks*. Each piece of music is timed to last 3 minutes and when the music stops, that’s the signal to stop the jeep. The driver will get out, you’ll slide across into the driver’s seat and a new passenger will join your car as you get ready to drive. Of course, there’s always two Wacky Wheelers organisers* helping you all the time so it wont be too confusing.

When your turn finishes, you make your way to the off-track activity area where you can play on the activities included in our parties. We’ve got mini table football to keep you occupied, or you can just watch and cheer on your friends! You’ll be so busy, that before you know it, it will be time to get back on that track again and hone those motoring skills to get ready for your driving test…

Gradually the track changes… there are now some traffic cones to negotiate, and then some more appear as soon as you’ve mastered negotiating the first ones! The better the drivers the harder the course gets – and you have to make sure you really get the jeeps lined up to make it around the wiggly course! You’ll also take part in some special Wacky Wheelers Jeep driving games that make each party different – from Jeep limboto Cat and Mouseto whatever crazy creation we’ve come up with next! If it’s been chosen as an option by your mum or dad, you might even get one of our fabulous driving licences – just like theirs – in a handy laminated credit card size – but only if you’ve passed the famous Wacky Wheelers driving test!.

After the driving test has taken place the fab and groovy people from Wacky Wheelers will arrange all the cars in a fan shape under the arch, make them all safe, and then you can all climb onto the cars ready for the Team Photo– an awesome keepsake and reminder of a fabulous day.

As soon as the photos have been taken, the Wacky Wheelers team remove all but one Jeep from the track, and ask everyone except the birthday boy or girl to stand around the outside edge of the track.

Our VIP of the day climbs aboard a jeep all prepared for the victory laps .  As there’s nothing else on the track, the speed of the Jeeps are turned up to ‘high’* ready for a drive of their life… They will be introduced to the waiting fans to the sound of the Formula one Theme tune (Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” suitably edited) counted down before he or she drives around at super high speed while everybody sings happy birthday and cheers them on.

They are then brought to a halt with an authentic racing chequered flag waved over their heads. Sometimes, if the floors are slippy enough, the Wacky Wheelers team will help will spin the jeeps out on the turns so they go round sideways like a real rally driver!  If the party is shared, then the Wacky Wheelers organiser will turn it into a race between a max of 2 jeeps, which somehow always ends in a draw… This is a great high note end to the driving part of the party, and the drivers climb out of their cars to big cheers and applause.

Now you’re all together in one group, the Wacky Wheelersorganiser will ask you to help him deflate the track, which is an experience in itself (believe me – you have to see it !)… and having led you around the track will lead you all to the table to have your slap up birthday meal.

While you are out of the way having your tea, the Wacky Wheelers crew will pack up the Jeeps, track and other equipment to make sure nobody can get up to any mischief, whilst leaving the music until last so that you can listen while you eat. If your mums and dads have chosen them, the Wacky Wheelers organiser will present the amazing driving licences at the end of tea.

As the party is nearly over, its almost time to go home. To help make your mums and dads life easier when trying to work out what to give you at the end as a party bag, the people from Wacky Wheelershave got some options such as the Driving Licences, and Wacky Wheelers Jeep Driving Expert medals.They can even sometimes help with cakes and party food, so all your mum and dad have to do is turn up for the party, sit back and enjoy watching you all have the best fun !

* number of jeeps and organisers, and size of track depends on the party selected – in this instance its the standard party 

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Questions you’ve always wanted to ask

Questions you’ve always wanted to ask…

Things that you might like to know…. AKA FAQs !

Venue Questions
Is the venue included in the price?
Do I need to find a venue?
Do the cars damage the floors?
How long do I need to book the venue for?
How much space do we need?

Party Questions
Which size party is best suited for my event?
What happens if it rains?
Do I have to provide food?

Car Questions
If the cars are suitable for 4 year olds – wont they be too tame for my older child?
My child is big for his or her age – will he or she fit in the car OK?

Products/Options Questions
Driving Licences – what do we need to know?
Medals – joint parties
Chequered Bunting – how much do we need?
Extra 30 minutes driving time – why might I need it?

General Questions
Do you have insurance?

Venue Questions

Is the venue included in the price?
Because we cover such a wide area we are not able to have a close relationship with many venues – and as the prices vary so hugely between areas it would be impractical for us to include the venue hire in our price – sorry! back to top

Do I need to find a venue or can you recommend one?
We have a huge database of venues so its quite likely we will be able to recommend a venue near to you. But as we cover such a wide area – your local knowledge may be better than ours, and you might know of an alternative venue – which we are happy to comment on – although site visits are not viable unless we make a separate charge for. If you really don’t want the hassle of tracking down a venue and organising it – you may consider using our concierge service where we do all the work for you! back to top

Do the cars damage the floors?
We don’t put a floor covering down as in general we don’t need to! As with much of the Jeeps, we have modified the wheels too – so that where they meet the floor – instead of hard plastic they have a soft velvety finish. Of course when we’re doing outside events we remove the soft finish and put on a rugged one – a bit like wearing wellies! So whether the floor is a brand new sprung wood one, a tiled one or one made of marble – we’re confident that no harm will come to it if the drivers obey the instructions!   back to top

How long do we need to book the venue for?
We need about 30 mins to set up – however our record is 7 minutes so if for any reason we are delayed – don’t panic as we can get the party moving in no time at all! So if it takes you 30 minutes to get all your guests collected and all your bits and pieces back in order, we’d suggest you only need to book the venue for 3 hours. back to top

How much space do we need?
The first things to consider are which size track is being used, and how many people are coming? First, take account of the track size, then think about the space needed to wait/eat etc.
Small Party – the track size is flexible, but generally about 10m x 12m. We can take bits out and add bits to make this track fit, but don’t really like going narrower than 8m.
Standard Party – this track is about 10m x 15m, or about 1.5 x badminton courts. We can squeeze it a bit so can use less than 10m width, but bear in mind this will then make it longer than 15m!
Large Party – this can be as per the standard track, or adding in a couple of metres length – according to availability of space at the venue. So if there’s space, we can be up to 10m x 17m
Supersize Party – we use 2 tracks here – so will move to fill the space available, but would recommend a minimum of 12 x 18m.

Now the next thing to consider is how much waiting space is required. Are the parents staying or is it a drop off party. Will you be providing food in the hall or in an ante room? We also need some space for the waiting chairs (as many as there are jeeps) and also for the table football games. So for example, for a 24 child party with standard jeeps and eating in a separate room, there will be 14 waiting. So probably about an extra 10m x 3m is ample. If you’re not sure – just ask and we can help! back to top

Party Questions

Which size of party is best suited?
We do 4 sizes of party so we are sure to offer one that fits closely with your requirement. If you want to keep the party small and intimate – then the choice is easy – go for the small party. If you are in the mid 20s then there’s no need for anything bigger than the Standard size party – but if you are in the high 20s it may be worth considering the large 6 Jeep party. It really depends on budget and SPACE available. The thing to consider is that we have a progression of 4 driving exercises to get through plus the photo and finale at the end (where else would it be?), so with each ‘go’ taking 3 mins plus changeover time means the more children the less likelihood that they will all get a chance to drive all the different tasks. That’s not to say they won’t all get lots of goes in the jeeps, but it is a question of mathematics! back to top

What happens if it rains?
Well, the simple answer is… we get wet! Being very British and all that we just get on with it (although we may discuss it quite a bit as Brits are wont to do). However, we are aware of the inherent risks in torrential rain (not to mention the displeasure of the drivers) so we won’t operate if it is absolutely bucketing down. The other thing to beware of if you are thinking of booking an outdoor party and it does go all wonky weather-wise, is that we may have to make a cleaning charge, as the track can get muddy when packed away, as well as the jeep wheels. If you are at all concerned please talk to us. back to top

Do I have to provide food?
We concentrate on making the entertainment the best it can be, and if you’ve ever tasted the boss’s sandwiches you’ll realise why we want to keep it that way! So really the answer is yes – you do…unless…. why not get use our Party Concierge service to organise a caterer for you so all you have to do is sit back and relax before, during and after the party! To find out more – use this link… back to top

Car Questions

If the cars are suitable for 4 year olds and older – wont they be too tame for my older child?
Our Jeeps are far from ‘off the shelf’. We have completely customised them so that they are all now 24v, and they have computerised controllers inside that enable us to change such things as top speed, rate of acceleration, braking efficiency, maximum current (good for slopes and bumps) – all by pre-programming them with our laptop. We also have a dial under the bonnet so we can alter the speed by miniscule amounts – to suit the drivers ability level – meaning the younger drivers would go a bit slower than the older ones, so its exciting whatever the age! Our jeeps also are fitted with remote controls, so we are also able to stop a jeep from wherever we are standing – and also change the speed! Being able to be so precise with the speed is something no-one else offers – and makes such a difference to the parties. back to top

Will my child is big for his or her age – will he or she fit?
The seats in the cars are adjustable so will slide forward to fit the younger drivers, and back for the older ones. However, sometimes that just isn’t enough – its rare, but does happen – even though we sometimes get an adult in! Usually the child in question that is too big is a teenager – so in those instances its not possible to have a passenger on board – its just one up! back to top

Products / Options Questions

Driving Licences
Our driving licences are totally fab! They are completely personalised with the party goers name, the date they passed and at whose party. They are credit card sized and laminated. But because they are personalised, we need some time to produce them – preferably 3 days. That also means we need the names in advance, and preferably in a format we can import into our system. That format is by the forename followed by the surname with just a comma in between, nothing else – as an example – John,Wayne
We need each name to be on a separate line – and voila ! Job done! back to top

Our medals are unique to us – and are proper metal (not cheapo grungy plastic ones). We include one in the cost of the party, but if you choose to share a party, please make provision to add a medal or two – as we don’t want any squabbling at the end of the party! back to top

Chequered Bunting – decorate the hall!
Our chequered fabric bunting is a MUST if you want to give the usual leisure centre a lift, and to turn it into a pukka polished racetrack! You only need one to go around the whole track – but do order more if you want to use it to decorate the separate hall (if you ‘ve hired one) for eating etc. back to top

Extra 30 minutes driving time
Our party programme is designed to fit into 90 minutes – but sometimes, if there’s more children than its possible to get through in the 90 minutes, its worth considering adding 30 minutes on to give 2 hours solid driving time. A caveat though – don’t choose this as an upgrade for a normal sized party – only consider it if you are pushing the boundaries (ie 30 kids for a 5 jeep party) as normally 90 mins is ample… back to top

General Questions
Do you have insurance?
Yes we do – our public liability is £5 MILLION. Why so much? Because we also do big events – we need the extra cover (most companies only offer £1m) – so should anything go wrong (and it hasnt yet in all the years we’ve been running) then you can be assured you’re covered. If you would like confirmation we can send you a link to our brokers that gives the details. Back to top