Looking for a childrens driving party in Hampshire?

…then Wacky Wheelers provide the best driving parties by miles! We’re fanatical about fun and provide a refreshing alternative to bouncy castles or magicians and our aim is to make yours the best kids party in Hants. Our driving parties are suitable for boys and girls from four years to eight, and are renowned for being both fun and memorable – “the best party ever” is a phrase we’re used to hearing! We can offer heaps of advice with booking venues and other aspects of childrens entertainment such as party catering and birthday cakes.

Our Jeeps look fantastic – and they are! They’re very different from the usual go kart party. Not only can we fit two children per car, so that the kids have so much more fun actually driving their friends around rather than just watching them, but we play some great music over our PA system too – so it’s instantly a great party atmosphere full of smiles and fun.

We cater for parties of up to about 30 children – although we can accept more. We cover the whole Thames Valley, SW London, and parts of Hants, as well as further by arrangement. So if you are looking for the best kids party entertainers for your child’s birthday party and you’re lucky enough to be located in Basingstoke, Tadley, Alton, Farnborough, or even Aldershot, then you should get in touch with Wacky Wheelers now!

We can also attend other events such as school fetes or fayres, or other fund raising events, so if you have any school or club events coming up, why not suggest us! We’re happy to attend under a set fee, or at a percentage of takings, and have provided the focus for many different events.

Even if you’re located in some of the smaller villages or towns in N Hants, such as Fleet, Hook, Kingsclere, Hartley Wintney, Blackbushe or Blackwater then please contact us – as we know all sorts of venues we can use – and we can even hold the event in your own back garden, or at least advise if its suitable.

Even if you don’t need a Jeep driving party – but are interested in childrens party food – get in touch as we are able to provide catering for childrens parties anywhere in N. Hants via our partner, Rachel’s Cakes.

Peg Perego Gaucho two seater Jeeps – double the fun of Go-karts!

make tracks to a wacky wheelers kids party in Berkshire

This is how a Wacky Wheelers kids car driving party works…

These jeeps fit two at a time – so there’s always plenty of people having fun on the track at any one time. Apart from the first drive of the party (someone has to drive!) you’ll start off as a passenger. The music starts and the jeeps are then driven around one of our brightly coloured totally safe, 10m by 15m inflatable tracks. Each piece of music is timed to last 3 minutes and when the music stops, that’s the signal to stop the jeep. The driver will get out, you’ll slide across into the driver’s seat and a new passenger will join your car as you get ready to drive. Of course, theres always two Wacky Wheelers organisers helping you all the time so it wont be too confusing.

When your turn finishes, you make your way to the off-track activity area where you can play on the activities included in our parties. We’ve got mini table football to keep you occupied, or you can just watch and cheer on your friends! You’ll be so busy, that before you know it, it will be time to get back on that track again and hone those motoring skills to get ready for your driving test…Mini table football at a wacky wheelers jeep driving party 

Gradually the track changes slightly… there are now some traffic cones to negotiate, and then some more appear as soon as you’ve mastered negotiating a couple! The better the drivers the harder the course gets – and you have to make sure you really get the jeeps lined up to make it around the wiggly course! Everyone will now have the opportunity to take their Wacky Wheelers ‘driving test‘. With all the driving practice from earlier in the day, you should have no problems in passing your test. If it’s been chosen by your mum or dad, you might even get one of our fantastic driving licences – just like theirs – in a handy laminated credit card size.

After the driving test has taken place the fab and groovy people from Wacky Wheelers will arrange all the cars in a fan shape under the arch, make them all safe, and then you can all climb onto the cars ready for the ‘Team Photo‘ – a fantastic keepsake and reminder of a fabulous day.

As soon as the photos have been taken, the Wacky Wheelers team remove all but one Jeep from the track, and ask everyone except the birthday boy or girl to stand around the outside edge of the track.

Our VIP for the day climbs aboard a jeep all prepared for the victory laps with flags hanging from the back. As there’s nothing else on the track, the speed of the Jeeps are switched up to ‘high’* ready for a drive of their life… They will be introduced to the waiting fans to the sound of the Formula one Theme tune (Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” suitably edited) counted down before he or she drives around at super high speed while everybody sings happy birthday and cheers them on.Peg Perego Gaucho Jeep Driving Party Boys Celebration 

They are then brought to a halt with an authentic racing chequered flag waved over their heads.Sometimes, if the floors are slippy enough, the Wacky Wheelers team will help will spin the jeeps out on the turns so they go round sideways like a real rally driver! If the party is shared, then the Wacky Wheelers organiser will turn it into a race between a max of 2 jeeps, which somehow always ends in a draw…This is a great high note end to the driving part of the party, and the drivers climb out of their cars to big cheers and applause.

Now you’re all together in one group, the Wacky Wheelers organiser will ask you to help him deflate the track, which is an experience in itself… and having led you around the track will lead you all to the table to have your slap up birthday meal.

While you are out of the way having your tea, the Wacky Wheelers crew will pack up the Jeeps, track and other equipment to make sure nobody can get up to any mischief, whilst leaving the music until last so that you can listen while you eat. If your mums and dads have chosen them, the Wacky Wheelers organiser will present the amazing driving licences at the end of tea.

As the party is nearly over, its almost time to go home. To help make your mums and dads life easier when trying to work out what to give you at the end as a party bag, the people from Wacky Wheelers have got some options such as the Driving Licences, Wacky Wheelers Jeep Driving Expert medals, Keyrings, Badges; Wacky Wheelers Party Bags, even T shirts ! They can even help with cakes and party food, so all your mum and dad have to do is turn up for the party, sit back and enjoy watching you all have the best fun !

Remember – if it’s not a Wacky Wheelers party it could turn our wheelie bad… 😉

Childrens Driving Parties are our speciality, but we also sell and repair Peg Perego Gaucho Jeeps. if you’re looking for kids parties then you should give us a call. For birthday parties in hertfordshire (Herts) we reckon we’re unbeatable – because we know how much kids love our birthday parties.