Travel Costs

Work out the travel cost
We don’t want to deny anyone the chance to have a Wacky Wheelers party, but at the same time have to be sensible about where we go… if we go too far in one direction we may bot be able to do a party somewhere else even if its at a different time. The fuel costs and staff costs are also factors, so for that reason we include travel for all parties within 30 miles of the base. If its further, then there’s usually a small extra charge to cover travel. Also – since the LEZ zone has been created, if the party involves entering the zone there will also be a further surcharge to cover that (see below).

If you don’t know whether your chosen venue is inside or outside of the LEZ you can find out here

To work out the travel costs go to Google maps and type in RG9 5TX to xxx where xxx is the postcode of your venue. That will give you the miles. If it’s within 20 miles, there’s no extra charge. If its more, we only charge for the mileage over 20 miles, so say it’s 42 miles between the 2 places, then the extra mileage is £44 (22 x2).

If you have a small party, then its £1 per extra mile travelled (each way), but if its a standard or large, then its £1.25 per mile. For the mega or super party – please contact us for a quote.

The charges above may be reduced if there are two parties in the same vicinity, covered by the same crew.

To give you an example, let’s take a party at WD3 6AS. According to Google Maps, that’s 37.1 miles – so take off 20 gives you an excess of 17 miles. That doubled for each way gives 34. If its a small party (@£1 per mile) then the surcharge would be £34

London LEZ / Congestion Charge
Alas the powers that be have hit commercial vehicles hard – and we are charged £100 to bring our vans into the LEZ zone per day. On top of that, depending on the day, there may be other congestion charges. Unfortunately we will charge these on to you, but the good news is that we don’t add anything on – charging at cost. This will also apply in the future to other towns/cities that apply a congestion charge.